Saturday, May 01, 2010

Three cheers and three boos for Nick Clegg

The press and the impartial BBC were wetting themselves with excitement yesterday at the boos mixed in with the welcome applause for Nick Clegg from the Crucible snooker crowd.

See this just proves, they might have said, that the Liberal Democrats don't enjoy support from 100% of voters.

What we really want to see, they might have said, is party leaders speaking only to tame hand-picked audiences, like the other two do all the time.

The fact that there is any surprise at a party leader receiving a mixture of boos and applause just shows how rarely they face real audiences. Kudos to Nick for having the gumption. I wonder if either of the other party leaders would dare.

And it was all applause at the end.


Guy Otten said...

My guess is that who ever wins the election, some sort of debt crisis coalition will be tried so that no one party gets the opprobrium of having to raise taxes and make cuts. Trouble is that we might not get PR even out of that.
I feel Nick could have made more of the need for PR as part of the need for political reform

Guy Otten

teachercreature said...

Looks like Nick Clegg is kingmaker after all. Will he sell his soul to the Tory devil or flog the dead Labour horse? I'm shocked at the Liberal result last night. What happened?

Joe Otten said...

What happened? Your guess is as good as mine.

What will happen? My guess is that there will be a Tory minority government.