Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is the bag for life an improvement?

I've been wondering for some time whether the 'bag for life' that you can buy from many retailers is, environmentally speaking, actually an improvement on the disposable bag. This would seem to depend on how they are actually used - as opposed to the intention that they will actually be used 'for life'.

Rather than guesstimate away as usual, I thought I would be a little more scientific and try to gather some evidence. So please fill in my survey: 5 quick questions on your baggage habits.


allegoricus said...

Yesterday, in Sainsburys, I had to report a problem with my bag for life - the handle had snapped but I am still alive.

asquith said...

I have a manbag that I put most of my purchases in, unless they need to be kept in a seperate bag, in which case I have some kind of bag for life equivalent that I've had for a few months.

I probably use less plastic packaging & so on than most people, but I do still use a bit because I have deliveries & they use plastic bags & all kinds of shite as packaging. You'd have thought they wouldn't bother given that it's going to your doorstep & doesn't need to be carried around, but no.

Tristan said...

I tend to take a small back pack and a small shoulder bag shopping - far sturdier than the bag for life bags and far easier to carry home.

We do have a few bags for life, but they rarely get any use.

Any more and I just get normal plastic bags - they're useful to have around since they get use as bin-liners and bags for putting shoes or lunch in.