Friday, June 15, 2007

Dear Gordon

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2 things of which Gordon Brown should be proud

1. Being a bit of a wonk. Why does a little understanding attract so much ridicule from people who understand less? A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing, but in a PM, less is even more dangerous.
2. Keeping the Tories out since 1997.

2 things for which he should apologise

1. Funding the war on Iraq
2. Failing to topple Tony Blair when it was clear he had taken the country to war on a lie. If that is not grounds for a party rebellion then nothing is.

2 things he should do immediately on becoming Prime Minister

1. Offer a cabinet position to Dave, nice but Knave. Can we see any big disagreements on policy between the two?
2. Cancel all Blair's big ticket vanity spending items: ID cards, premature Trident renewal, unwanted IT systems, war, ...

2 things he should do while Prime Minister

1. Unpick the whole box-ticking back-of-an-envelope-target culture
2. Generate shedloads of renewable and low carbon energy.

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