Thursday, May 10, 2007

Highlight of the Blair Era

I've been tagged by Peter Sanderson for my highlight of the Blair era. Highlight is too positive a word for what I have to say, but here it is.

The moment when:

  1. It became clear there were no WMDs in Iraq.
  2. David Kelly was dead in suspicious circumstances and the Labour machine was spinning against him.
  3. It was clear that Tony Blair was personally responsible for taking the country to war on a lie. (And saying something is certain when it isn't is a lie.)
  4. In spite of what was, if we can be excessively charitable, a gross failure of judgement, leading to many thousands of deaths, Blair didn't resign. If this is not a resigning issue, what on earth is?
  5. Noting that if Blair had taken responsibility and resigned, this may well have tipped the balance in the US election 2004 into a defeat for George W Bush - because it would have been harder to bareface out the war as not a mistake.
  6. The Labour Party, knowing all this, failed to sack him. This is a gross dereliction of duty. It is the job of a parliamentary party to depose Prime Ministers who have lost the plot. The Tories did it with Thatcher when it had to be done, when she was still quite popular in much of the country. But no, the Labour Party clearly did not think he had done anything particularly wrong, and so I consider them as guilty as he is. People who thought that Labour was good at heart, only doing what it had to do to win power, to protect public sevices and tackle social exclusion, were disabused this day.
I'm sorry if this is all too obvious, but it is hard to compete with a betrayal of the British people of this magnitude. Even if you like the New Labour programme, you think that up until the Iraq war the government was doing great, and you thought at the run up to the war, that maybe invasion was the best way to deal with the known threats, according to the intelligence.

Even with that perspective you have to look back, and realise that the intelligence was distorted for political ends, and that the rush to war was driven by a timetable intended to pre-empt the completion of Hans Blick's inspection. A shabby, dishonest, criminal, murderous act.

I tag: Joe Taylor, Anders Hanson, Forceful and Moderate, Tom Papworth and Millennium Dome

Cicero has it succinctly.


Anonymous said...
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Joe Otten said...

Anything of substance to say, yet, "anon"?

Anonymous said...
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Joe Otten said...

Er, no, if I did regard snide anonymous ad homs as substance, then there would be no hope.

Anonymous said...
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Toby Philpott said...


That last comment is defamatory. I've only just discovered it after all these months.

I'm not going to ask you to remove it but in the light of how I got onto the approved candidates list, the people who sponsored me to join that list, my experience within the party (nearly 20 years) and the fact that people from outside the constituency willingly and on a few occasions came down to help the campaigning down here because they knew me it is inaccurate, misleading and frankly downright offensive.

There were other things I did but due to the high level of ingratitude of the person concerned these are not worth going into details on.

Frankly I might as well have sat at home and never lifted a finger for any of them for the good it did me.

Joe Otten said...

toby, I'm happy to remove it - and the rest of the anonymous bitching - if you want. I probably should have a policy of deleting all anonymous ad homs.