Sunday, February 19, 2006

But what are you FOR?

The idea of organised anti-New Labour tactical voting has come up. Oh dear. James Graham is spot on.

When somebody tells you that the enemy is X, they are asking two things: First that you define yourself by what you are against. Second to turn your back on all your other enemies.

Does an anti-New Labour alliance include the Conservatives and Old Labour? Yeah, right. New Labour is just a name for the Labour Party. There is only one.

Of course it is possible that Cameron would be significantly better than Brown. Possible, but most unlikely. I started this blog to vent on the subject of Cameron. And I have started another to mock him.

There are many decent people in the Conservative Party, but there are many nasties too. So I have no inclination to give them a hand up. I am rather enjoying their plight, grinning smugly at Cameron's desperate spin, rolling on the floor laughing at every flip flop. Don't stop me now.


MatGB said...


Liberty. Habeas Corpus, Bill of Rights, decentralisation, free speech, assembly, protest. All things I think we can all agree on (I know you do fromr eading here regularly).

But being for these things makes us against the current Govt. When things go as far as they have (ID, "glorification", detention without trial, Reg/Leg), you have to start opposing that which is doing it.

Hence a two-fold campaign, two separate branches. Liberty Central is for the things that, for example, Chris Huhne gave the inspiring speech on at DEMOS last week. Vote Anyone But Labour is against the current government.

I should stop commenting in other blogs and write it up in mine really, shouldn't I.

MatGB said...

Full response here. Hope it answers your principle concerns; if not, well, I have a job to do tomorrow...

gavin ayling said...

A coalition against Labour does not require LibDems to support Cameron or me to support Huhne (sorry, Ming).

What we absolutely must avoid is a fourth Labour term. If Labour win next time there will be tracking devices in your car, there will be cigarette smoke detectors in every building and there will be ID cards in every wallet.

Police on every corner is only a great idea if the police are working for the people, not for the state. This may seem alarmist, but I don't think it is unfair.

Consider England's plight since 1998. If democracy is sacrificable then anything goes.

Anonymous said...


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